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6 Fun Parchute Games for Kids

As a teacher, I have seen first hand how much children love parachute play and both my girls have been fortunate to enjoy playing with parachutes at playgroup, kindy gym and school PE class. They love it! Parachute games also make a fun addition at birthday parties and they are even great as ice breaker activities with groups of older children. Here are some of our favorite parachute games…
1. When The Parachute Goes Up (sung to the tune of ‘If You’re Happy and You Know It)
Children sing the following tune and perform the accompanying actions;
When the parachute goes up (lift the parachute high, keeping hold of the handles) stamp your feet (stamp your feet),
When the parachute goes up stamp your feet,
When the parachute is high, reaching up into the sky,
When the parachute goes up stamp your feet.
Alternative actions;
  • Nod your head
  • Tap your toes
  • Shake your hips
  • Shout hooray!
  • Or sing three different action versus and ‘Do all three’ for the fourth.
 2. Popping Popcorn!
Have the children hold the parachute so that it is stretched out and place a collection of small balls, bean bags or small teddies onto the parachute. Have fun shaking the parachute to make the popcorn pop right off the chute!. You can also split into two teams – one each side of the parachute – and have fun trying to make the balls bounce off the opposition’s side of the parachute.
3. Jack in the Box
This is a great game for groups of toddlers with parents (or with older children as helpers). The toddlers all sit under the parachute with the adults each holding a handle down at ground level. Sing together;
Jack is quiet down in his box,
Until somebody opens the lid!
As you finish singing the second line, all of the adults lift the parachute up high and the children cry ‘Boo!’
4. What’s That Sound? A Listening Game
Have the children sit around the edge of the stretched out parachute. Explain that each of the three instruments you will play represents a different action and that they need to listen and perform the action that matches the instrument they hear. For example, when you play the triangle they need to stand up and shake the parachute gently at waist height, when you play the bells they need to hold the parachute above their heads and shake it vigorously, and when they hear you tap the wooden block then need to lay down on their bellies with the parachute laid out flat in front of them.
    • Shake the parachute at knee height
  • Skip clockwise or hop counter clockwise
  • Turn and hold the parachute handle behind them
  • Balance on one leg
  • Lie on their backs with their feet under the parachute and kick their legs.
5. Changing Directions
Have each child hold a parachute handle with one hand so that they are all facing in a clockwise direction and the parachute is stretched out. Have the children jump, skip, hop or run in a clockwise direction and then use a music cue for them to change direction to counter clockwise. Each time they hear the music cue (ring a hand bell or tap a triangle or pause pre-recorded music), the direction is changed.
6. Parachute Switch
Begin with the children spread around the parachute and holding it stretched out. Tell them to raise the parachute quickly so that it billows up into a mushroom shape (keep holding the edge). As it fills, call the names of two children. These two let go of the parachute and run under it to swap places before it comes down again.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Article from The Way He Plays

1. Inspire creativity and imagination.

Blocks allow children to be builders and creators. They can design anything they like and be as adventurous as they want. Build a city or a zoo, a castle or cave and watch the dramatic play explode around it!

2. Develop mathematical concepts.

Building and experimenting with blocks help children to naturally learn about mathematical concepts and understandings such as higher, wider, taller, shorter, heavier, how many more, etc. Numbers, measurement, geometry and probability are all explored in a fun way without the children even realising it!

3. Match all developmental levels.

Blocks grow with the child and are always appropriate for changing developmental skills. From grasping them as a baby, stacking and knocking them over as a toddler, to beginning to explore structure making with a purpose and using them alongside dramatic play, children will always find a way to be able to use them.

4. Can be played with alone or with others.

There is no exclusion for block play. Playing with them on your own, with a friend or in a small group all provide fun play experiences and opens block play up to new opportunities.

5. Develop physical skills.

Learning to use blocks will help to develop both fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. It's tricky learning to balance blocks together to form a tower and in doing so the children experience the physical benefits in other parts of their lives too.

6. Build confidence.

Just by looking at the face of a child who has managed to build a tower or structure you can see the pride and excitement oozing from them. These are excellent feelings to encourage!

7. Strengthen problem solving skills.

The tower won't stay up? They can't quite get the bridge to hold together? Building with blocks allows children to practice and develop their problem solving skills through trial and error. And the best thing about using blocks for this is that it is really obvious whether their solution has worked or not!

8. Develop social skills.

Sharing and cooperating in small groups is a tough skill for children to learn and use successfully. Using blocks together naturally means they will be working on these things. What will they do if they both need the same block? What roles will each child have as they build their structure together? It is very interesting to sit back and watch them try to sort through these issues.

9. Increase language vocabulary.

Blocks allow the development of all sorts of language skills. With your help blocks will build vocabulary for descriptive language (colours, sizes, shapes), comparative language (bigger, smaller), social language (asking questions, using manners) and topic specific language as they learn about parts of a castle or jobs in a city through associated dramatic play.

10. Encourage goal setting.

Children love to set their own challenges while using blocks, 'I'm going to build a tower bigger than me' you might hear them exclaim! Working towards their goals and using their problem solving skills to get there can keep them actively engaged for long periods of time!

If you are interested in learning more about encouraging block play for reluctant users I highly recommend that you read this post about Encouraging Block Play from Happiness is Here. Although it is written with girls in mind, the ideas would be just as effective for encouraging boys too. Plus it is full of beautiful photos and wonderful inspiration!

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Congratulations to WSD Math Content Leader Katherine Schack for winning the prestigious Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching (PAEMST)! The awards (for the last two years) were announced at the White House yesterday, and they are the highest recognition that a K-12 mathematics or science teacher can receive for outstanding teaching in the United States. Schack received the award for her classroom work at Lakeview Elementary, where she taught 2nd grade before her promotion to the District’s Math Instructional Leader in 2014.
"Working in the Wentzville School District with all of the extraordinary educators has taught me so much,” said Schack, one of only two educators in Missouri to be chosen for the award. “I am overwhelmed and honored to be chosen from such an amazing pool of applicants.” Schack is the fourth WSD educator to be nominated for this prestigious award and the second recipient of the award since 2012.
The awards are typically given annually to mathematics and science teachers from each of the 50 states and four U.S. jurisdictions. It recognizes those teachers who develop and implement a high-quality instructional program that enhances student learning. "The recipients of this award are integral to ensuring our students are equipped with critical thinking and problem-solving skills that are vital to our Nation’s success,” said President Obama. “As the United States continues to lead the way in the innovation that is shaping our future, these excellent teachers are preparing students from all corners of the country with the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics skills that help keep us on the cutting-edge.”
Schack and the other educators selected for this Presidential honor will receive a $10,000 award from the National Science Foundation to be used at their discretion. They will also be invited to Washington for an awards ceremony, educational events, and visits with members of Congress and the Administration. The PAEMST award was established by Congress in 1983 and the National Science Foundation administers PAEMST on behalf of The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy.
For a complete list of winners, visit…

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  These Water Wow! books are so much fun!  Jack started out naming what pictures on the top page started with.  Then he proceeded to trace the letters and color in the boxes to see if he was correct.  Of course he also had to paint the whole page after he was finished.  He loved this activity and has decided he would like more books for a trip we're taking in the fall.

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Wrap up the summer with:

Product Description

Outdoor play spins beautifully into vibrant, spiraling excitement!

Snap together the six sections of the big gear track, pick one of the three spiral-making gears, and grab one of the three included chalk sticks.

Just place the chalk in one of the holes of the gear and start rolling it around and around the track like a cog - Beautiful spiraling artwork suddenly bursts into existence!

Experiment with different gears and colors. Try overlapping them or using two chalk colors at once.

Sidewalk creativity spirals into an endless adventure!

Simple, intuitive, and bursting with endless possibilities, the Sidewalk Chalk Spiral Art set is a whole new level of chalk-drawing fun.

Sidewalk Chalk Spiral Art
  • Large gear track and set of small of gears for making spiraling designs with chalk
  • Encourages outdoor play, gross motor skills, creative experimentation
  • Works best when used with a friend - One holds the track in place while the other rolls the gear around and around
  • 3 sizes of gears for 3 types of spiraling designs
  • Gears each feature multiple holes for placing chalk - Spiral design changes with each hole
  • Includes large gear in 6 pieces, 3 spiral gears (large, medium, small), 3 sidewalk chalk pieces (white, yellow, pink)
  • High quality materials for exceptional spiral-making experience
  • Diameter of gear track measures 32 inches

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