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Melissa & Doug 20% off

Just a reminder...

This month only - Melissa & Doug items are all 20% off - in store only!
These are great additions to your classroom resources OR great Christmas gifts!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Fall Items...

We have a lot of FALL decor in the store!  Come visit us today!

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Toys for Special Needs

Toys for Special Needs
"This very special collection of toys was handpicked by our consultant, Dr. Melissa Liguori, for the parents, 
therapists, and educators of children with exceptionalities. These are the top toys and trusted skill-builders 
that help boost developmental skills in children of all abilities, organized by therapeutic and skill criteria to create 
a practical resource for families with special needs. Included are some products you may recognize from the therapist’s
office, made accessible for families to use at home. You’ll find expert advice and therapeutic practice ideas from Dr. Liguori. 
We hope you’ll also find some fresh, new play ideas your family will love!"

Melissa & Doug - Guide for using the codes on their packaging...

The above link takes you to the Melissa & Doug online catalog.  Please keep in mind that you can stop by, order online or call the store and order any of the items in the catalog.

Best Teacher Supply Online Catalog:

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Carpet Sale!

Carpet Special:

Do you need a new Carpet for your Classroom?

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Wacky Wednesday 
Carpet Special

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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Special Homecoming

This was shared on the Wentzville School District FB Page.

Homecoming was extra special this year for THS freshman Trevor Giebe. Trevor, who has a disability, has become friends with the THS JV Dance Team over the last year while waiting to be picked up after school. JV Dance Team members invited Trevor to Homecoming as their date. Trevor was elected to the Homecoming court, rode in the Homecoming Parade, and he and his “Trevor’s Girls,” as he calls them, rode to dinner and the dance in a limousine. “The Team planned the best Homecoming proposal we could think of for our friend,” said JV Dance Team Coach Kaela Woods. “Trevor always has a smile on his face and has taught my girls how to be kind and compassionate.”

Monday, October 5, 2015

Happy World Teachers' Day!

Teachers hold the keys to a better future for all!

Do-a-Dot Stamping...

Do-a-Dot Markers are excellent for anywhere!  They are great for the classroom and at home.  These would also make great Christmas gifts.  
Here are a few activities and links.

The Benefits of Dot Stamp Markers

- Children practice hand eye coordination as they direct the stamp to go where they aim on the paper.

- Hand dexterity improves as they hold and flip the dot markers and practice their fine motor skills.

- They experiment with mark making and artistic expression through color choice.

- The markers last through countless art projects. We haven't had one dry out on us yet!

- You can work on left to right progression which is an important early reading skill!

- Identify and name colors in a fun way together!

- You won't need any other materials! No cups, no brushes, and no cleaning required after painting!

Check out Best Teacher Supply for a great selection of Do-a-Dot markers and books!

Here are a few fun activities...

Domino Addition

Stamp the Dice Game

Dot & Cut