Monday, October 5, 2015

Do-a-Dot Stamping...

Do-a-Dot Markers are excellent for anywhere!  They are great for the classroom and at home.  These would also make great Christmas gifts.  
Here are a few activities and links.

The Benefits of Dot Stamp Markers

- Children practice hand eye coordination as they direct the stamp to go where they aim on the paper.

- Hand dexterity improves as they hold and flip the dot markers and practice their fine motor skills.

- They experiment with mark making and artistic expression through color choice.

- The markers last through countless art projects. We haven't had one dry out on us yet!

- You can work on left to right progression which is an important early reading skill!

- Identify and name colors in a fun way together!

- You won't need any other materials! No cups, no brushes, and no cleaning required after painting!

Check out Best Teacher Supply for a great selection of Do-a-Dot markers and books!

Here are a few fun activities...

Domino Addition

Stamp the Dice Game

Dot & Cut